Attorney Daniel Kim – Best Attorney Ever!

The trip of attorney Daniel Kim to come to be the initial attorney in Orange County started as a youngster. Daniel’s household grew with an enthusiasm to help others. This interest has led Daniel Kim to come to be a lawyer and has actually never ever faded. After that you are best for it. Daniel’s law career led him around the world as well as back.

Tale of attorney Daniel Kim

As an aide to the U.S. Army of JAG, Daniel offered in Seoul. South Korea, and Baghdad, Iraq. Yet as the first member of BUZZ in Asia and the Pacific region. In Orange Region, Daniel obtained his licensing in law. Then you are ideal for it. So he mosted likely to work offering in his neighborhood community. Finally, his love of law brought him back to South Korea. So that where he worked as a partner.


But in one of the largest international companies worldwide. Daniel started the office of Daniel Kim’s law. Yet to provide the targets of automobile a much better chance. Then protecting their rights. Because the firm began. So it is great to choose him. Daniel has actually won hundreds of millions for his clients. Then you are appropriate for it. So proceeds to play a hand in all instances where the business obtains.


  • Jd, Chapman College Dale E. Fowler Law College
  • B.S. Service Administration, University of Maryland

Bar Admissions

  • The golden state State
  • United State Area Court, The Golden State Central District

Professional Universities

  • La Association of consumers of Lawyers of Los Angeles
  • Orange County Lawyers Trial Organization
  • The Orange Region Bar Organization
  • Orange Region Korean American Bar Association– previous Board of Directors

Training Area

Attorneys at the offices of attorney Daniel Kim. So he has knowledge in the Law on automobile accidents. Yet to have actually repetitively used their proficiency. Then to obtain glargine and favorable negotiations. If you have actually been injured in driving. So it is great to select him. However driving in an electric motor vehicle. Then you are best for it. So if you have actually been struck by a car. While you have been walking or riding a bike. After that he desires to learn through you.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident

So you will get in a detailed cops report. Yet also insurance declares clinical consultations. However with medical bills. After that you are best for it. Well, select the wrong lawyer for personal injury. So to contribute to the confusion.

Select Daniel King’s office. But you can wait on me to unknot him. If you were accidentally killed. So you should be treated fairly. As a consumer. Then you are ideal for it. Daniel Kim collaborates with you individually to find out. So it is excellent to choose him. After that the details of your scenario and discover every feasible way. However to give you with what you’re doing. Concentrate on the therapy.

An attorney better to justice

Attorney Daniel Kim will care for the remainder. If you’re searching for a lawyer from Orange County. However he is a lawyer that’s closer to justice. His attorney for personal injury to Orange Region. Then it will certainly be the process of maintaining. After that you are best for it. But additionally sustaining every step of the means. So it is good to select him. To learn more. However regarding his California attorney for Personal injury.

Factor for hiring Daniel Kim

Do not surrender prior to he wins. He is dealing with an emergency basis. You obtained absolutely nothing but him to win the situation. So he is trying to understand your distinct requirements. After that you are best for it. However he gives you with individualized as well as mindful solution. So it is excellent to choose him. The considerable network benefits from Daniel’s comprehensive professional network. After that feels great concerning being in good hands.

Kinds of accidents for which he works

Car accidents

More than 200,000 individuals are injured. But eliminated when driving of The golden state annually. Then the large bulk of these individuals drive or ride in guest automobiles. After that you are ideal for it. So it is excellent to pick him. Most of these people do not recognize. So they can fair settlement for their injuries.

Motorcycle accidents

We were informed the engines are hazardous. However the reality is the large majority. However motorcycle accidents are not to condemn. So it is good to pick him. Then you are ideal for it. Injuries received by motorcyclists can be very major. After that brokers commonly get settlement.

Truck accidents

Accidents associated with Semis and also other huge trucks are especially harmful. Due to the dimension as well as weight of these lorries. So accidents commonly influence numerous parts and also create numerous significant injuries. So it is great to choose him. Then you are right for it. Obtaining settlement for injuries suffered in a crash vehicle is an obstacle. Yet an actual lawyer can make it easy.

Uber/Lyft accidents

People hurt in accidents involving Uber. Lyfts or various other cars of individuals who remain in complicated situations. Between driving insurance. Yet financial travel insurance as well as the financial traveling companies themselves. So it is excellent to choose him. Then you are best for it. So it is difficult to recognize that has to pay the problems costs. The good news is, experienced lawyers have figured out. But the most effective strategy to aid these individuals.

Bike accidents

According to the CDC, “Bicycle scenic tours account. But also for just 1% of all journeys to the United States. However, bikers are confronted with a greater danger. But also for injuries connected to the accident as well as fatality of owners in car. After that you are best for it. So it is good to choose him.” Bikers have little or no defense when they are struck by an auto or a truck. Luckily, a great lawyer can secure his very own passions. When it pertains to obtaining reasonable and good payment for his injuries.

Pedestrian accidents

In the United States, a pedestrian was killed. By a motor vehicle every 96 mins. Many pedestrians are injured in crashes with cars and trucks. However trucks, motorbikes and also bikes. Then you are best for it. Pedestrian accidents are uncommon. Due to pedestrians. So it is great to choose him. If the vehicle driver was irresponsible. Then the lawyer can aid injured pedestrians. So their loved ones to adhere to justice.

Why pick attorney Daniel Kim?

Unlike the ordinary law firm So attorney Daniel Kim deals just with all car accidents. As a result of this method. However they have actually accomplished an excellent configuration. So it is very great to get optimal payment for their consumers. After that you are best for it. Since car accidents are everything they do. However they have actually made a strong impression on the insurance companies. Over and over.

They have proven that we will deal with to defend our clients. However from their aggressive and unreasonable techniques. So it is good to choose him. They are solid and also relentless when we should be. However when it comes to speaking to their customers. Then you are best for it. So they are always friendly, compassionate as well as cost effective. And they just need a telephone call to attempt it out.

Attorney Daniel Kim has an awarded law firm.

Super Lawyers

Daniel Kim was elected as super lawyers of the Increasing Star for 2019. So an honor reserved for less than 2.5% of California attorneys.

Discussion forum of professionals countless bucks

Members of the million-dollar forum are recognized as the most distinguished group of trial attorneys in the United States.

National Probationary attorneys Top 40 Under 40

Daniel Kim was chosen as one of the top 40 test attorneys. Yet under 40 for The golden state by national Trial Attorneys. So an invite company including the test of the Premier.

Multi-million Dollar Protector forum

Daniel Kim won a life time appointment on the discussion forum of experts of countless dollars in the United States.

AIPIA-10 best lawyer in Southern California

Daniel Kim was picked as one of the “Leading 10” Attorneys for personal injury. But in Southern California by AIOPIA on the basis of obtaining. After that the highest customer contentment for impressive service.

Honor Avvo consumer’s Choice-2015-2018

Daniel Kim has actually won the Avvo Customer Selection Award 3 years in a row. But an acknowledgment is offered to pick a lawyer in each country. So any kind of workout area that stands out from the rest.

Martindale-Hubbell Platinum Champ (2018 )

Daniel Kim won the award “Martindale Hubbell Platinum customer “, the highest benefit for client complete satisfaction.

Avvo “Superb” 10/10 rating

10/10 the ranking of Daniel King keeps. A 10.0 “Super” Avvo Ranking for personal injury attorneys.

Attorney and also Technique Magazine– Top 10 Attorneys in CA for Personal Injury Law

Lawyers and also practice Journal, personal violation law. CA Top 10 attorneys Daniel Kim. So it was under the name of one of the 10 finest prosecutors. However in U.S. police by magazines for lawyers as well as practice.

Lawyer of difference

Daniel Kim is identified as a participant of a respectable lawful community. So designating the Leading 10% of the American service. To the most effective ten lawyers for their experience. Then case results, and also impressive achievements.

National Association of Attorneys for personal injury (upside-down) (Top 10 under 40 in Southern California).

National Association of Attorneys for personal injury. Yet it was named Daniel Kim Among the 10 ideal attorneys. For injury in Southern California at the age of 40.

Leading 3 Best Personal Injury Attorneys-3 best Grades.

Daniel Kim was understood for among the initial three California attorneys. For personal injury by credibility, history, absence of problems. So it is viewership, satisfaction, count on, point of view, as well as general excellence.

Better Service Bureau A+.

The bureau A Bbb (BBB). It is one of the largest as well as most reputable independent service. That company in The United States and Canada.

Lead counsel.

Daniel Kim is the chief adviser for Law. In charge of guaranteeing that the principal qualified lawyer. That satisfies the strictest eligibility requirements. So consisting of expert experience. As well as that is a professional recommendation of the very same flawless disciplinary Record.

Organization of the Test Chamber of Motor cars: Leading 25.

Attorney Daniel Kim was chosen by the American test. However for electric motor vehicles, as one of the 25 lawyers in California. So is one of the leading expert companies in the United States. From the States in the legal area of electric motor automobiles.

Vehicle Trial Bar Organization: TOP 10.

Attorney Daniel Kim was as one of the top 10 vehicle tests. But in California by the Association of Truck Trial Runs. That is one of the leading phone calls of expert companies in the United States. Which is containing Leading 10 lawyers from each country? And also limited to the 10 best lawyers on the transportation legal field.

Best attorney of America.

Attorney Daniel Kim has actually been invited. To become a lifelong member of the most effective Lawyers. Of the American Rue rankings. A directory of lawyer complexes from the leading 1% of lawyers in America.

United States Bar Organization of Orange Area (OC KABA).

Attorney Daniel Kim has previously served on the monitoring board of Orange Region. Then the American Korean attorney’s Office (OCKABA). It is including lawyers supplying legal services to the local community. With for the public good clinics and also academic programs.

How attorney Daniel Kim can help you.

The attorney Daniel Kim stands for the sufferers. For traffic accidents and flying to guarantee. They get the settlement they are entitled to. They have actually never represented an insurer. Yet they’re never going to do it. They offer personal legal service, individually. The most effective lawyer ever make the effort to genuinely recognize every client. Various other companies see the law on personal injury as a fast income. So it is great to select him. Then you are ideal for it. They see it as a civil service. Their clients always point out exactly how satisfied. So they are by rate. Politeness, and compassion of our communication.

Route philosophy.

Anticipating a plea deal. Yet various other companies do not fully prepare their cases. So which weakens their position during negotiations. At the law of Daniel Kim, we prepare every instance for test. Then you are ideal for it. This preparation strengthens us. So it is great to choose him. To acquire the highest settlement for our customers. However places us in a company setting if the essay becomes needed.

Attorney Daniel Kim assists clients for clinical treatment.

When people are injured in car accidents. Yet distressing effects can last a life time. If you are injured in an accident. After that you are right for it. So it is essential to diagnose properly. So that you can secure on your own from future sufferings. After that obtain compensation that precisely shows your needs. So it is great to choose him. Daniel Kim is practically as enthusiastic about medication. As he gets on the law.

And he understands the signs and symptoms of a serious injury. That often accompany a website traffic accident. Preserves a network of sincere and also experienced. So it is great to choose him. Physician that aid their clients. Then you are best for it. To be detected correctly. So that they can help them find justice. If you have serious injuries as a result of a car accident. Also if you are not officially detected. So he wishes to speak with you.

Sorts of injuries for which attorney Daniel Kim work.

Spine Cable Injury.

The spine links the mind to the remainder of the body. A spinal injury can cause loss of control over body components. So which makes it paralyzed. So it is great to select him. These injuries can be lethal. After that they can never ever heal. Any individual experiencing any kind of, neck. After that you are appropriate for it. Or back trauma should check for spine injuries. Although no prompt signs are recognizable.

Potter’s wheel Injury.

The rotator Fox borders every wrist of the shoulder. When they are harmed. So it makes them more difficult to hop on the head. And the shoulder can injure as well as feel weak. So it is great to choose him. Without proper treatment. After that you are best for it. However the rotator cuff lesions can cause irreversible rigidity. So ensuring types of offices as well as impossible physical task.

Breaks of bones.

Lots of individuals have actually broken a bone or 2 in their life. But automobile accidents usually lead. To several severe cracks occurring at the very same time. So it is good to choose him. They require to recognize the cracks and set it to heal well. After that you are appropriate for it. If your physician has actually shed even a little crack. After that it can trigger BONE to be treated improperly. But which occasionally calls for more facility surgery to fix.

Traumatic brain Injury.

Distressing brain injuries (TBIs) add. To around 30% of fatalities in the United States. So it is good to select him. After that you are best for it. These lesions are very significant as well as can impact all aspects of life. Including memory, motion, feeling, and also emotion. Sadly, traumatic brain injury. Normally goes without a diagnosis. If you were in a car accident. The TBI check should be a top concern.


Severe injury to the arms or legs sometimes needs amputation. Yet surgical elimination of the damaged area. Amputations are several of one of the most terrible impacts of traffic accidents. After that you are best for it. Along with aggravating. So it is great to pick him. Their lifestyle and capacity to function. Then they often bring about great neurological and emotional discomfort.

Incorrect fatality.

Shedding a family member. As an outcome of an accident in a motorcycle is always a misfortune. After that you are right for it. When that person helped secure his family. Nevertheless, their deaths might additionally endanger the life of their liked ones. So it is good to pick him. When someone passes away as a result of one more person’s negligence. Consisting of the expenses of medical and interment as well as shed financial backing.